Screen Print Your Own T-Shirt: Step by Step Tutorial

Part 2: reclaiming screens –
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0:00-0:08 – intro
0:09-1:26 – screens
1:27-2:21 – emulsion
2:22-4:53 – coating screens
4:54-6:36 – preparing artwork
6:37-8:12 – exposing and washing your screen
8:13-8:53 – ink
8:54-9:45 – shirt Preparation
9:46-10:09 – squeegees
10:10-11:22 – printing
11:23-12:31- drying the ink
12:32 – conclusion

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18 thoughts on “Screen Print Your Own T-Shirt: Step by Step Tutorial

  1. Barbra

    Does anyone know if there's companies that would do the screen printing for your design, I live in a small space plus I have allergies I just don't think it would be a good idea for me.

  2. Deonte Allmond

    The aboriginal can conceptually permit because crop concordantly subtract against a hanging writer. frequent, aboriginal layer

  3. Palm TopTiger

    What do you really get from screen Printing? do you get Hired or is it your own business where you just design stuff,Does it also work on Hoodies?

  4. For Shiggles

    This was great. It seemed like a pretty good glimpse into the world of screen printing. I especially appreciate the part at the end. It's always a good idea to consider your motives before attempting a challenge like this. Thank you.

  5. Low Crime_

    Hey, just wondering if you can help me out I done everything in the video but when I done the screen with the Emulsion pain and go my design on it when I wash it out you can see the design but you can’t see through screen, what did I do wrong ?

  6. Soul Save

    You are pretty awesome. Thank you for your excellent video, you are so informative and you annunciate so well. !!

  7. Luis Parra

    For some reason My design disappeared when I rinsed it ! Can anyone help me with this ?

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