How to make your own custom designed T-shirt at home TUTORIAL!

See the current state of the T-shirt exactly a YEAR after!!!

– In this tutorial, you will get to see the materials I used to do my design on my T-shirt. You will also see the final result of me going through the process and engraving my photo on the shirt near the end of the video. Tell me what you guys think of the video, leave any suggestions on any other design you guys would like to see in the future. 😁

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19 thoughts on “How to make your own custom designed T-shirt at home TUTORIAL!

  1. Robinson Bright

    Good evening bro. Please I MG3050 canon printer 🖨 but the printer is not printing out images or photo. Please what kind of printer should I use.

  2. Letanya Baucom

    Hi my name is letanya iwas watching your video and if so why I would like for you to do one for my-boyfriend his grandmother died he don't got nothing of her

  3. sooty899

    Just a quick tip.
    Iron the picture just a bit slower and longer.
    And wait till till gets cold to remove the paper it will give better results.

  4. COC Ban Perseus

    How long does the "image" stay intact with the shirt? how long does it start to make a fade?

  5. Paradise Wears Limited

    I super love this video, I like the way u explained too.
    I'm just wondering can I use any regular paper printer? Cuz I've an HP deskjet 2620

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