Complete Day Running A Custom T-shirt Business

Just wanted to make a video showing you guys a day in the life of running my custom T-shirt business. Today was a very busy first day and I thought I would bring you along, show you where I get my blank T-shirt from, and how i print each and every one of them. Hope you guys enjoy the video. If you want me to print your T-shirts, here is my website:

Step By Step Tshirt Business:

Game changing way to start A Tshirt Business:

Printing T-shirts in Quarantine:

11 thoughts on “Complete Day Running A Custom T-shirt Business

  1. Oussama Tamnat

    Hey buddy great content keep it up ❤❤ Can I ask you please about your website? how much did it cost you?

  2. Karel Svihel

    I really like the video ! What i your complete set up of tools, mahcines, shelves, software, you use and the overall cost ? Did you buy everything new or second hand ? Did you start your business with DTG or you used heat press and then upgraded?

  3. Nell Washington

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  4. Dylan Murphy

    Where’s a good place to get plain white ts, all the ones I get are under shirt. Pls lmk where to get sum

  5. Patriotic Traveler

    Your website gives a 404 error. 😳…and there's nothing on your site….great review!! I do photography work and you've given me a great idea!!! Thanks..Rock on!!!

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