How To Make Your Own Screens For Screen Printing

Discover how to Make Your Own Screens with the MYOS machine and kit from Screen Sensation.

22 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Screens For Screen Printing


    WOOOW this is so amazing, please am in GHANA west africa am a professional graphic designer how can i purchase one for my company

  2. Hammer USN

    a waste of money… if your going to do all that LO just make the screen yourself, what a waste of money LOL

  3. Shoe Engine

    "make sure you pop the bag close then you take out the thing and pop it on the thing. then you're going to pop on the machine and pop the thing through the thing."

  4. Vilo Shmillo

    That was a horrible review. What technology does it use to make a screen. What is the cost of the machine. What is the cost of the supplies? Useless.

  5. The Horror Lab

    There is other video's on the MYOS machine which shows it working a lot better she did not follow instructions, but for something like this you would need something like the Newman roller frames I believe.

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