The Basics of Burning and Exposing A Screen Print Frame.

The Basics of Burning and Exposing A Screen Print Frame.

Hello I’m Cam welcome to the screen print training videos series today we are talking about burning screens.

The process of buring a screen is pretty straight forward.
We place the film positive on the glass.
Then lay a screen coated with emulsion over the film.
Below the glass is a uv light source, we have a 50 watt led about 3 feet away.
The uv light hardens the areas of coated mesh not covered by the black on the film positive.
After it is burned you spray the screen with water and the areas of the screen not hit with light wash away to create a detailed stencil in the mesh.

Pretty simple right? Well Theres a little more to it that that, as a printer theres abunch of small technical choices that you have to make to burn the proper screen for the job your printing.

The point of this training vid is to demonstrate the basics and dive into the details of thoses steps.

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15 thoughts on “The Basics of Burning and Exposing A Screen Print Frame.

  1. Rizen SB

    What's up dude! Love your vids! I've learned at least 98% of the screen printing process by watching 🤙🏽 I have a question. Seen where there's another video you done costing the screen twice on ea. side. So just a little confused. Problem I am having is my emulsion gets a blow out. I'm using the blue emulsion on your amazon store. Follow the same steps and it seems it doesn't come out as nicely as yours. I'm also using hot water through my pressure washer. Any suggestions?

  2. tutherun

    Hey man really good videos, lots of great info. Just wondering what is in the dunking bucket. Is it just water or is it mixed with a solution?

  3. I&A Twins

    Is there a certain light I need to work under when I’m handling the emulsion like black light or yellow bug lights?

  4. Rob Hoff

    I'm just starting my new adventure. I have a 4 station Hopkins press. I made an exposure box with 8 bright led lights. I'm looking at a Tecktongdh 2400 cabin fiber 110v flash dryer. Is the dryer Ok? How many PSI pressure washer should i get?

  5. Stephanie Lisenby

    I need help understanding which emulsion I should be buying. what is the difference between AP WP DC emulsion? also is I don't have a screen water dunker lol how many times do I like spray it with water on the squeegee side?

  6. jononthebarbarian 136

    Hey man, awesome video just subscribed. I own a print shop for stickers and small shirt products so just heat transfer. Ive wanted to get into screen printing, so im going through alll your videos to try and learn!

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