I take you step by step how to diy screen print on a budget. All the steps from making the screens, to using sunlight to burn the image, to setting the ink.

Charli Marie’s video:

Materials I used:
– Speedball emulsion set
– Non toxic ink
– Squeegee
– Frame (if you don’t want to make your own)

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19 thoughts on “SCREEN PRINTING on a BUDGET // DIY

  1. Tastywater

    How long do you leave it out for in the sun when you put it in the garage bag?

  2. Rebecca Wadsworth

    why do you need a dark room and what happens if you don't have a dark room?

  3. M. Wolf

    Sceeens are supposed to be a little off the garment.

    Tape two quaters on each size of the screen.

    You don't clamp it.


    Like the fact that it’s not a perfect version with perfectly available pro materials. Hip hip hurray!

  5. Anthony Christie

    Ouch! I feel v sorry for that poor woodworking chisel. Still. Nice video. Thx.

  6. Chick ideas for you

    Do you use this as your printer cause you don’t have one ☝️ πŸ–¨

  7. Ty Woods

    youre so genuinely adorable lol i knew nothing about screen printing before this but seems like it may not be the right technique for what im going to do on textiles

  8. j vvldxz

    Where are places I can get my design on transparency paper? Can’t find places where I am πŸ™

  9. This comment was posted

    i like to cut thin strips of clear plastic and put them on top of the edges, and staple…it helps from fabric tearing thru staple.

  10. John Allen

    Thank you for making this video and saving me hundreds😊😊😊😊 I liked and subscribed.😊😊

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