Epson SureColor F2100 Direct to Garment Printer Demo

A first look at Epson’s latest dtg printing technology, right from our booth in Long Beach! This printer is up to 2x faster than F2000, and with automated inline maintenance technology, the printhead is protected, and this machine is very user-friendly. Check it out and click the following link to contact Melco for pricing and other info.

25 thoughts on “Epson SureColor F2100 Direct to Garment Printer Demo

  1. Destiny Gonzales

    Hi, I have a question. So does the process time, pricing and Epson Trademark always print on every T-Shirt or is that a feature that can be removed from printing onto the canvas?

  2. aasou

    See a lot of these forsale on ebay……I wonder why? "Eco friendly" yet you cant refill the cartridges.

  3. Billy Blanco

    I would love to see a long time review of this. I really wonder about durability.


    This is rather slow process. One by one printing procedure like this is not cost effect at all. At least build it so that it can print 5 to 10 garment at time one after another.

  5. lodup man

    Where i can find dealer and future technical support in Europe?
    Is possible can print on other type of materials Such as wood, different kind fabrics?

  6. Yesua 6667

    Does anyone know if there is a cross between a DGT printer and a sublimation printer where an image is printed and cut instead of having to get a vinyl cutter separately? I’m asking because I enjoy using the heat-press but switching from printer to vinyl cutter and then to hear press is pretty time consuming. 🙂

  7. Uno Selfe

    I am selling my Epson F2100 surecolor along with pretreatment machine and auto clam heat press. Please contact me for this super deal, serious replies please

  8. bass toner

    Hey melco ! How much cost in india f2100 .
    This is really i need & urgently plz give us fast reply man .._..

  9. zunaira nosheen

    I have a question please
    Have your distributor in pakistan????
    I want a dgt prnter

  10. E

    I plan on buying this or the anajet ri 1000… Can you explain to me why this might be a better option?

  11. to be

    After putting the T-shirt on the printers “bed”(right before printing), don’t you need to put on the frame to hold the T-shirt or isn’t necessary or doesn’t use it??

  12. Nurbek Rabayev


    Please help me!

    We have a printer Epson SureColor F2100

    To printer was laoded on installation Cartridges kit without white cartridges.

    And now I can NOT print on dark/black t-shirts.

    How I can change this mode – load white cartridges and print to dark t-shirts.

    Please help me!

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