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Top 10 places to sell T shirts online

Top 10 places to sell T shirts online
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Make a Custom T Shirt with Spray Paint

Make a Custom T Shirt with Spray Paint

Make a custom t shirt using some enamel spray paint, stencils and an inexpensive shirt. You’ll see what I did to create a shirt that looks like an ammo box. The process is really easy and takes a day, maybe two if you have a complex design. Does the paint stay with the shirt? I’ve washed the shirt 4-5 times and that paints going nowhere.

$5 tank top shirt
Foam core or flat board
Rustoleum white and yellow enamel paint

Release: Argofox – A-himitsu-adventures
A Himitsu – Adventures:

ZepLabs: Cheap DTG Printer /Scanner

ZepLabs: Cheap DTG Printer /Scanner

Maybe the cheapest around! Along with Zep the eldest we converted a cheap Epson SX115 Stylus 3 in 1 machine into a DTG printer using no electronics beyond the ones you can find in the printer itself. A small piece of melamine scrap , two common drawer slides, four steel angles and a rubber band. The rubber is placed beneath the plate, which rides on the paper feeding shaft. The printhead cleaning procedure is done manually for now , as the already installed pump is driven by the same motor that moves the plate, and we didnt have that big of a worry to adjust that too for the time!

This project was a test mostly,so I dont have any plans or video footage of the make. We are intending on building another one, with a bigger printer this time, using more colours on than the 4 (CMYK) so we can replace one with a white, which is pretty vital when printing onto garments! I hope I’ ll have a vid of that make.

The colors used are DTG colors (that makes me hope they ‘ll stick on that shirt) and they are put into refillable/ resetable ink containers. You can find them online for every epson printer. They are cheap too.

The printer used was bought at a flea market for the nonnegotiaable price of 2 dollars. Or 3! I cant remember!

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World’s Fastest T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine Gears Up for World Record Run | M&R

World’s Fastest T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine Gears Up for World Record Run | M&R

When you see how fast Omar loads the silky-smooth and lightning-fast Challenger III D T-shirt screen printing machine—and how fast M&R’s Passport automatic T-shirt unloader unloads it—you’ll think we sped up the video, but there’s no trick photography here. In 2010, Omar set the world record for T-shirts printed in one hour by a single operator (1909), and he’s determined to best his record at FESPA London on 28 June 2013.

GILDAN will provide Gildan® Ultra Cotton™ Style 2000 T-shirts for event and WILFLEX will supply Wilflex Epic Non-Phthalate Series (“The World’s Fastest Ink”).

Can M&R do it again? Will Omar, Gildan, Wilflex, and M&Rs Challenger III D silk screen press set a new world record? Stay tuned.

M&R is the world’s largest manufacturer of screen printing equipment, with a wide variety of screen printing machines and ancillary silk screen printing products for graphic, textile and t-shirt printing, including automatic screen printing presses; manual t-shirt presses; computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging machines; exposure units; gas & infrared conveyor dryers; flash dryers; and t-shirt folders and baggers.

To watch Omar shatter the existing record with this press at the 2013 FESPA show in London, click here:

For information on Gildan T-shirts and other products, click here:

For information on Wilflex screen printing inks and other products, click here:

For information on Challenger III D, click here:

For information on M&R’s Passport automatic T-shirt unloader, click here:

To see video of Luis Omar Viera’s 2010 record, click here:

To see video of Maddie Sikorski’s 2005 record, click here:

How to Print on T Shirts

How to Print on T Shirts

Transfer paper can be found anywhere you can buy stationary or printer paper. There are two types of transfer paper, one suitable for white or pastel shirts, and one suitable for all darker colors.

Most transfer paper is the same size as your regular printer paper (Letter size or A4 depending on your country). Before purchasing an unusual size, make sure your printer can handle it.
Light transfer paper is used for light or white shirts.
Dark transfer paper is used for any shirt that is darker.

Select an image. You can use any image saved on your computer.

If you only have the image in a physical form, scan it and save it to your computer as a jpeg file. Alternatively, take a photograph and transfer it to your computer.

Mirror the image for light-colored shirts. Transfer paper for light-colored paper creates a mirror image on your shirt. Look for a “reverse” or “mirror” setting in the print options window, or flip your image in MS Paint or another image editing program. If you skip this step, all text in your design will be unreadable.

Do not reverse the image if you are using transfer paper for darker shirts. This type of transfer paper transfers the image exactly as it appears.
If you’re not sure whether the reverse setting worked, print out a test piece on ordinary paper. It should come out as the mirror image of the look you want.

Print your design onto the paper. Before printing, check the preview to confirm that the image fits onto your paper. If it’s too large, select “fit to scale” in the print options, or scale it down in an image editing program.

When printing with your transfer paper, you need the right kind of printer like an Inkjet printer.
If the two sides of your transfer paper look different, print onto the blank side. One side may have a logo, design, or thermal indicators on it.
Switch to “landscape mode” if the image is wider than it is tall.

Cut out the image. Any paper you leave around the image will show up as a thin film on the shirt. To create a clean image, cut out the image.

To get an accurate cut, use a ruler and an Exacto knife.

Cover a hard, flat surface with a cotton pillowcase. Clear a table or countertop, then clean and dry it if necessary. Lay a cotton pillowcase over this surface, covering enough space to lay out the area of your T-shirt you’ll be printing.

Most ironing boards are not suitable, due to the metal bars or grating on the surface.
Use a surface that can withstand heat. Don’t try to iron over a laminate countertop. A cutting board can also work.

Set your iron. Check the instructions that came with your transfer paper to find out which settings work best for your product. If no advice is listed, select the “cotton” or high-temperature setting; select “dry” or turn off the steam; empty all water out of the iron. Give the iron a few minutes to warm up.

For best results, use an iron with at least 1200 watts of power.

Iron the shirt. Place the shirt over the pillowcase. Iron it until it is completely flat. Any wrinkles will show up in the transferred image.

Wash and dry the T-shirt first if necessary.


Gildan G5000 / Cheap Custom Made Tees / Gildan G 5000 T-Shirts / Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company

Gildan G5000 / Cheap Custom Made Tees / Gildan G 5000 T-Shirts / Cheap Tees Screen Printing Company

Gildan G 5000
Crafted from 100 % Cotton, Pre-shrunk T-Shirt textile, Avail. @ this is the Flag Ship T-Shirt for the Gildan Line-Up. With Greater than 75 terrific colorations you will have no issues finding the precise color option you are shopping for. Contrast the Gildan colors with one of our fantastic ink colors and you have the beginnings of a terrific screen printed T-Shirt.
Buy custom t shirts cheap
The Gildan 5000 is our cheapest personalized t-shirt our company offers here at This is the perfect garment for just about any use or event as it is only short in the price and absolutely not in the high quality. Double stitched, pre-shrunk 100 % premium cotton makes for a durable and very comfortable t-shirt. Made primarily for the screen printing business sector in mind, the color options and style is always spot on and ready for the times of today !!
Custom t shirts cheap
Here at Cheap Tees Screen Printing company we offer the G5000 T-Shirt for adults and also kids as one for ease of ordering. By combining the sizes in one category it allows our buyers to create one large requisition instead of 2 smaller in size purchases. We have discovered that many customers need both sizes for their requisitions. The biggest benefit comes in the putting together of them for larger quantity price cuts. You will find it very easy to reach price breaks when combing the youth and adult tees together for a very economical custom-made tee shirt price. And here at this is our aspiration. We strive to give our buyers the very best value in pricing as well as quality in every aspect of their custom-made t-shirt order.
Bulk cheap custom t shirts
The Gildan G5000 is considered a Unisex style t-shirt so you will have not a problem supplying your staff, clients, or groups with this one style by itself. And for those who would like to order different colors but with the same print this too is not a problem here at Cheap Tees. The best thing is to pick out Tee shirt colorations and keep the ink color options the same and this will keep the cost down by avoiding Ink Change Charges.
Cheap custom t-shirts
We offer a cutting-edge Design Studio to ensure you can either design completely from scratch or upload and pre-view your already made art right on the designer. Our Custom t-shirt studio is so powerful it will also let you survey your made graphics in realistic Union Ink Colors. This will give you as true as possible a realistic view of your custom made tees. You will see as close as possible just what your custom screen printed tees will look like.
Cheap custom t shirts design online
All Custom Screen Printing orders will receive a digital proof before the requisition gos into production. Even if you upload your own graphics we will always send a proof for your final examination. We strive to give our patrons the exact look and feel of the garments so there is never an issue with cost-free art revisions. If there is ever something you may want changed after you receive your proof just let us know and it will be our pleasure to work with you as long as it takes to get the Graphics just the way you want them to look.
Cheap custom t shirts online
Screen Printing on Gildan Tees will give you an ineradicable value and we provide some of the industries most affordable customized screen printing prices that can be found. We also offer very low 12 piece minimums at very affordable prices. Our price breaks are at 12-24-50-101-251 and 500 pieces. So remember if you can reach these very important price points the savings will be dramatic. When taking into account our presently very low t-shirt prices we also offer free shipping, set-ups, art and screens on every single order. No no matter the size of your order the discounts just keep coming and that is how we want it to be.
Cheap custom t shirts fast
Here at Cheap Tees we take exceptional measure to keep our clients and depend upon repeat purchases. This is why we keep our rates so low and quality high. We have over 18500 active consumers and many order three or four times a year and some times more. By having such a large maintaining of a client base we can can keep our prices as affordable as we do.
Customer service is on duty Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM for questions or phone requisitions. You can place your orders completely on our website 24-7 and we will have proofs ready with in two working days after submission. We are located in Springfield Mass. and all requisitions ship fob Springfield.




I finally got some of my own EavesDrop merchandise to unbox and review for you guys!! I am extremely excited about my custom EavesDrop merch/ apparel shop, and if you want to purchase the shirts in the video or any other merch in the shop, check out the link down below! If you enjoyed “UNBOXING MY OWN MERCH!! (EAVESDROP SPREADSHIRT T-SHIRT UNBOXING AND REVIEW)” make sure to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you are new!! Have a great day!

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How To Screen Print: T Shirt Heat Transfers At Home Designermite T-Shirts Press Printed

How To Screen Print: T Shirt Heat Transfers At Home Designermite T-Shirts Press Printed

How I print white t-shirts with my professional Heat Transfer Press using your emailed artwork. I did this quick video as so many have asked me how I do it. I did 25 years of screen printing (silk screen) but I like the ability to render quickly what I envision. This process will not give you the same results as screen printing but will give you immediate results.

I use white shirts as the color of the shirt effects how the image will show. The white background is instrumental in the vibrancy or the colors and most importantly any white or highlight areas in the artwork. Some artwork changes significantly to the point where it mutes or kills the color when you put it on a different color shirt. The type of printer transfer paper I have been using has been type available from office supply store like AVERY INK JET Light Fabric Transfers. I have used commercial brands but it is what ever it works for you.I use a regular ink jet printer with standard inks, print mirror image. I have not experienced any cracking.

The artwork holds up great after a couple of YEARS..with 25 years of screen printing (silkscreening) it would be hard to pursuade a purist like myself..I have been very happy…I never sell my art work that I wouldn’t buy or wear. The inks I use are that of an inkjet printer with a high resolution setting for printing and using the “mirror” setting.

When you heat a transfer you are actually setting the ink into the fabric. The ink bonding to fabric gives it a better “hand” (feel ) to it. A consistant pressure and heat are very important for larger design surfaces. I have found it to last years.

Questions and artwork can be directed to the form at the bottom of the page :

I did aother YouTube video of Jimi Hendrix Print & T-shirt
How I did a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt using a heat press and inkjet Light Fabric Transfer Paper.

Limited Numbered Signed Edition of 93 Screen Printed (silkscreen) prints of Jimi Hendrix done by Walt Sullivan for $20 each plus postage.

Image is 8″ tall by 12 1/2″ wide on heavy paper of 15″ tall by 18″ wide which gives you plenty of space to cut down or mat.

Designermite watermark not on prints or shirts. Can ship flat or rolled. Help support an artist in his endeavors.

Please enquire if interested or know of someone that might be. Thanks
Can do your artwork on white shirts also.


Designermite –
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BQLive – Ep: 7 What is the Best DTG Printer?

BQLive – Ep: 7  What is the Best DTG Printer?

Loaded Question? So many people want to know this question, we know the answer…. Join us on our live show as we discuss our thoughts on the best #DTG #Printer.

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screen printing tutorial in hindi (Part 3)

screen printing  tutorial in hindi (Part 3)

1. बिज़नस आईडिया के अन्य सभी विडियो:
2. स्क्रीन प्रिंटिंग के अन्य सभी विडियो:
3. कंप्यूटर नॉलेज के अन्य सभी विडियो: Dosto! Hamare channal computer vidya me aapka bahut bahut swagat hai. aaj ke is video me main aapko screen printing, screen printing process, ke baare me bataunga. agar ye video achha lage to mere channal ko like, share, comment aur subscribe jarur kare…….

DIY T- Shirt Print | Naveen Richard | Mad Stuff With Rob

DIY T- Shirt Print | Naveen Richard | Mad Stuff With Rob

Naveen Richards dropped by at the studio and we had a blast together with laughter and crickets! So here I teach Naveen how to make his own DIY Star boyz  printed t-shirt using some simple items easily available at home!

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How To Screen Print: Flood & Stroke Methods

How To Screen Print: Flood & Stroke Methods

How To Screen Print T Shirts: Flood & Stroke Methods

Please visit and take advantage of the free screen printing educational materials. The website is being designed to support and supplement the YouTube educational videos. The website will contain all the information not in the videos and more.

Screen Printing Equipment & Supplies –

You will find the definition to the following screen printing terms on the website:

Screen Emulsion Scoop coater Light Table or Exposure Unit Artwork Coverage Mesh or Fabric Mesh Count Frame Newton Halftone Stencil Thickness Durometer Plastisol Ink Film or Film Positive Substrate Vacuum Cured Emulsion Water Soluble Washout Booth Flood and Stroke Belt Dryer Cured Ink Flash Cure Spray Adhesive Pick Up Resolution Printing Wet Under Base Registration Pre Shrinking Light Table or Exposure Unit Vacuum Blanket Color Composite Outline Continuous Tones Halftone or Grayscale Four Color Process Spot Color Spot And Dot “Printer” or Platen Knocked Out Crest Degrease Abrade Mesh Prep or Degreaser Micro Grit Scoop coater Stirring Stick Substrate Side Ink Well

Learn and read all about:

screen printing screenprint screenprinting silkscreen silk heat transfers tee tees shirts t shirt t-shirt how to print garments textile supplies equipment tutorial educational at home learn make your own howto diy do it yourself craft crafts video videos

serigrafía impresión Serigrafía transferencias de calor Siebdruck Siebdruck Wärmeübergänge l’impression en sérigraphie Sérigraphie transferts de chaleur шелкография переводов шелкография тепла sutra layar cetak 丝网印刷传热

All artwork owned by Catspit Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2009.

How To Start a T Shirt Business

How To Start a T Shirt Business

How to start a small business selling t-shirts with a heat press. Sell t shirts on your website and events. In this video, we’ll show you a cheap way to start your online t-shirt design business. Get heat press equipment and heat transfers at…

In this video, we’ll go over how to a heat press a t-shirt. And then we show you coupons and supplies at our website. Start your own t-shirt business now!