The Sims 4: 100 Baby Challenge – Cool Clothing (Part 17)

Hey guys and welcome to The Sims 4 100 Baby Challenge!

Yammy’s 100 Baby Challenge Rules:
1. Every Father must be different
2. No cheats unless the kids are in danger, or a sim needs resetting.
3. You can use fertility rewards to increase your chances of getting twins and triplets.
4. No babysitters unless all capable sims are gone, mother is in hospital.
5. You CANNOT get married
6. One parent’s life revolves around the kids, they do not go to work, they can earn extra income by working a home profession.
7. play on EPIC lifespan.
8. Story progression is on.
9. Birthday cakes are allowed for instant aging.
10. You must try your hardest to reach a good school grade.
11. The kids can move out with their Dad once they become a Teenager.
12. Teens do not hold part-time job
13. You can move in other Sims or move in with other Sims, to help with getting pregnant or looking after the family (they can hold full time or part time jobs)

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